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Drum linear is a ground-breaking training tool for all ambitious drummers.

Ever wanted to sound as funky as Dave Weckl or Dave Garibaldi? Ever wondered how Denis Chambers gets those grooves or how Steve Gadd became one of the most influential drummers of the past 40 years? Well, it could be because they are masters of LINEAR DRUMMING.

If you've tried linear drumming already you'll know that it is not easy. It takes dedication, concentration and application to really 'nail' it.

But what if that hard work were made a whole lot more fun? What if it became easier to focus yourself on the RIGHT exercises to build the repertoire, coordination and stick-control? Well, this unique app does just that.

Each spinner contains four sixteenth-notes on Hi-Hat, Snare and Bass Drum. The snares are randomly accented too. There are 140 or so of these chunks of music... and 4 spinners in the app interface. That makes a staggering 384,160,000 combinations!

Some of those combinations could be very un-musical - you might get four bass drums in a row for instance - so the different 'modes' in the app give you combinations that make sense musically.

If you want to be really creative, there's always the 'random' mode which will give you all 384 million combinations... if you want to work through them all!

MASSIVE BONUS: your iPod will still play whilst you are using the app! Play along with your Funkiest tracks and let the 'AutoSpin' feature change the pattern for you every 15, 30 60, 90 or 120 seconds. You wont even need to stop grooving to press the spin button!

Want the quickest way to really get deep into this funky style? Want to have fun too? This is the way to do it.

Go straight to the App Store to buy the DRUM LINEAR app now.